About Dr. Meinzer

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Dr. Meinzer’s research focuses on adverse outcomes (e.g., early pregnancy, substance use, delinquency) that are particularly prevalent among individuals with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) during adolescence and early adulthood. Majority of his work has centered around the comorbidity between ADHD and depression. Through a developmental psychopathology lens, Dr. Meinzer has identified variables that account for the association between ADHD and depression and subsequently developed a brief depression prevention program tailored for adolescents with ADHD. Dr. Meinzer seeks to continue understanding the mechanisms by which individuals with ADHD are at risk for negative outcomes in adolescence and adulthood. He hopes to use this research to continue developing and disseminating prevention and intervention efforts to promote psychosocial functioning in individuals with ADHD. Dr. Meinzer is a Principal Investigator on an NIMH-funded R34 to implement a modified-behavioral activation depression prevention program for adolescents with ADHD in several Baltimore City Public High Schools.

Dr. Meinzer is also the Co-Director of the SUCCEEDS ADHD clinic. 

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