Welcome to the SUCCEEDS Clinic!

We are a resource dedicated to providing services to UMD students with ADHD struggling with academic or mental health difficulties.


  • Approximately 8% of college students have a diagnosis of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)


  • ADHD is a condition that can cause chronic difficulties  


  •  Symptoms of ADHD in college can consist of difficulties with:

    • Paying attention in class or while completing homework

    • Planning long-term assignments

    • procrastinating

    • Managing time

    • Staying organized

    • getting motivated

    • Maintaining self-care, for example-- taking ADHD medications, getting enough sleep, etc.


  • ADHD in college is associated with:

    • Lower GPAs, more academic problems, and higher risk of failure/dropout

    • Difficulty adjusting to college, Risk for depression and anxiety, & problematic substance use



the goal of the succeeds program is to assist you in reaching your goals by helping you: 

  • Better manage your time

  • Determine your short- and long- term academic and personal goals and identify ways to meet them

  • Improve your grades

  • Help you lead a healthier, more productive, and less stressed life style

  • Be prepared for graduation and beyond!

Enrollment in the SUCCEEDS includes a semester-long membership with the following three components:  

Psychological & academic Evaluation

Students will receive a psychological and academic assessment to determine your strengths and problem areas and determine your values and goals across several life areas. This assessment will help inform an individualized treatment plan for the semester ensuring that the SUCCEEDS program is tailored to helping you achieve success in the areas of life that are most important to you!

Results from this assessment will be provided in an individualized feedback session where a treatment plan will be presented

The evaluation will also provide the necessary information in order to receive academic accommodations through UMD's Accessibility and Disability Service (ADS) Office, if desired and warranted.

Weekly, Group Sessions

Students will attend weekly group sessions led by a Ph.D or M.A. level therapist and supervised by the directors of the clinic (Drs. Chronis-Tuscano and Meinzer) and who are licensed clinical psychologists and faculty members in The Department of Psychology at UMD. Sessions will help students achieve academic and personal success through the following evidence-based components:

  • Organization Skills Training
  • Time Management
  • Motivational Enhancement
  • Goal Identification and Activity Planning
  • Preparation for future coursework and careers
  • Counseling for stress or mood difficulties and substance use

weekly, Individual "Coaching" Sessions

In addition to the weekly group sessions, each student will be assigned an academic and mental health coach who will meet weekly with students, individually. These coaching sessions will allow students to practice skills with a paraprofessional and enhance improvements.